Environmental Policy

Our policy is to help protect the world we live in and where able minimise the impact upon the environment by being considerate with our daily activities.

We do our part by

  • Trying whenever possible to supply products that comply with current environmental regulations, legislation and the best practices whilst being fit for purpose
  • Comply with all statutory requirements and exceed these standards where commercially viable
  • Using recycled products wherever possible and ensure products that cannot be reused are disposed of safely and responsibly
  • Providing customers with up to date information and advice when selecting products to minimise the use of energy, consequently reducing their carbon footprint
  • Proposing products that are endorsed by the Carbon Trust, which in turn appear on the Energy Technology List (ETL)
  • Internal training and education with the view of continued improvement in reducing our carbon footprint whilst adding value to our business model
  • Minimising storage of refrigerant gasses to mitigate the risk of leakage
  • Removal of field based refrigerants destined for phase out (namely R22) in a commercially responsible manner, as quickly as financially viable, whilst meeting all current legislation

R22 Phase Out 

It is our intention to meet current legislation whilst adopting our own systems to ensure an ethical and economical procedure is put in place to meet both the customers and the environments needs. In 2009 virgin R22 refrigerant was banned; since then only recycled or reclaimed R22 can be used. As on January 2015, R22 will be completely banned from use in any air conditioning system, be it virgin, recycled, or reclaimed. Please read more about this legislative requirement.


Any refrigerant removed from a customer site by ourselves will be returned to our supplier for recycling. We will not recycle refrigerant ‘in house’ as this is not economically viable and rely upon the services of licensed  third parties.


Removal, re-use, and storage of refrigerant gasses (all gasses, not just R22) previously removed from customer’s equipment is not a service we offer, or aim carry out. Health and Safety implications and the logistics surrounding storage does not make this a commercially or environmentally viable solution.

In the event there was an immediate requirement/use for the refrigerant to be removed (e.g. remove from system ‘A’ and add to system ‘B’) on the same site, with the asset being under the ownership of the same client, this would be a service we would offer. Comment aside, this is subject to the donor plant having no inherent contamination issues (leading us to doubt the purity of the refrigerant removed) which could prove to be detrimental to the plant receiving the reclaimed refrigerant.

All refrigerant gasses removed from a client site will be correctly labeled and tracked via our ‘waste transfer’ procedure, and returned to our approved supplier for recycling or destruction. The decision surrounding destruction or recycling will sit with our supplier and is based upon the purity of the refrigerant gas previously removed.

Air Options have all relevant waste carrier documentation in place (registration number CB/FN5871KR) which is available from the outlined office, upon further application.


Drop in replacement or retro-fit methods will be selected based upon the client application and functionally of the associated plant. Where the client has their own environmental policy or preference we are happy to adopt the same, subject to it meeting all current standards and legislation. This will need to be discussed prior to implementation and accepted in writing by either party. In the event separate client policy does not exist, the information enclosed within the document will prevail.


We are accredited with the following which are directly linked with the environment and how we manage our refrigerant gas activities:

  • Registered with the environment agency, reg number: CB/FN5871KR
  • F-gas certificate accredited by Refcom Ltd
  • City & Guilds safe handing qualification for associated staff
  • ISO 9001 accredited firm

Health and Safety 

Air Options have a firm understanding of Health and Safety in the work place and have dedicated staff trained to meet current regulations and guidelines.