Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)

Energy Efficient Is Tax Efficient!

Air options are able to design and engineer systems which qualify for enhanced capital allowances more commonly abbreviated to ECAs. Purchases which qualify for ECAs offer considerable tax savings given the entire purchase cost can be offset against corporation tax in the relevant financial period. Whilst this is an adjustment your accountant will need to make, we can ensure the equipment designed, selected and installed qualifies.

For the system or equipment to qualify it must appear on the ETL in the relevant period purchased. The ETL’s (energy technology list) website can be reviewed if required although once again Air Options have considerable expertise in this field and can design and recommend the system right for you.

This is a government endorsed scheme and incentive given the products that qualify offer considerable energy savings and reduced running costs, consequently reducing your carbon footprint. Please see the HMRC website for further details of how you can make enhanced capital allowance work for you and your business. There are no catches, just good design and plant selection, which we can help you with.

If you are considering a new installation, upgrade or R22 replacement programme, this is an option readily available and accessible at little or no extra up front cost, when compared to non qualifying schemes. Call us today and do your bit for the environment, whilst saving you money!