Full Building HVAC Installation

Large commercial premises require systems capable of providing adequate heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) throughout the premises.

The design and installation of the HVAC systems should only be conducted with a thorough understanding of the property and it’s requirements, ensuring the best and most suitable system is engineered and put forward .

Variable Refrigerant Volume or Flow

VRV or VRF systems offer heating and cooling, either simultaneously or individually.Typically they comprise internal four way cassette, concealed ducted and wall mounted fan coils linked to larger single external condensing units capable of large cooling and heating duties. These systems can be adapted to suit your budget and property type as they are modular and scalable.

Centralised Chillers and Air Handling Units (AHU’s)

Air Options are often invited to install, replace or upgrade existing water chillers to improve reliability or increase performance. Water chillers cool using refrigerant gas and water as a secondary cooling medium. These are generally installed in larger building that have centralised plant locations and are not cost effective for smaller single or multi-room requirements.

Centralised AHU’s can once again be upgraded, replaced or refurbished to offer increase fresh air and extraction levels into your building. It is extremely important these are designed with current standards in mind stipulating fresh air levels at 12 litres per second per person. Should this be part of a new build, building control will require the systems designed to meet legislative requirements and modern building standards in addition to the 12 litres stated.

Please see one of our projects where we replaced and relocated the chillers and upgraded the centralised air handling units. In addition to this we refurbished the building management system making for an energy efficient and successful refurbishment.