Multiple Room HVAC Installation

Multiple room systems can vary from small to large scale solutions, depending on the number of rooms requiring cooling & heating. This can be achieved via installation of independent split, multi split, or VRF style systems, with individual units per room or a ducted fan coil giving overall control and coverage via a discreet ductwork arrangement.

Whichever suits your premises and budget, we have the know how and experience to produce a turn key package to suit.

Large commercial premises require reliable systems capable of providing adequate heating, ventilation and cooling throughout. This is often abbreviated to HVAC services or systems and their design and installation should only be conducted with a thorough understanding of the property in hand with good system design. This will in turn ensure your system is reliable and efficient for years to come.

Ceiling Suspended or Wall Mounted 

Typically these systems are wall or ceiling mounted units connected to an external condenser without being hidden or recessed. They are ideal for small and large office applications, with wall mounted systems often being the most cost effective .

Ducted Type 

These systems are hidden within a ceiling void or plant area and deliver the warm or cold air into the space via a network of insulated duct. Inconspicuous grilles and diffusers are located at strategic locations throughout the area served, allowing even air distribution. If engineered sympathetically, these type of systems can be virtually draught free and aesthetically pleasing.