Server Room Air Conditioning Installation

Computer Rooms and Data Suites  

If you manage a computer room or data centre of any size you will require precise control over the temperature levels in the room. Stability in temperature and humidity will ensure the computer equipment does not overheat or malfunction. Humidity control can reduce the likelihood of static improving reliability further, as static can be damaging to electronic goods. We install equipment supplied by specialist manufacturers such as Stulz and Liebert in addition to more generic commercial products by Daikin or Mitsubishi.

Specialist manufacturers produce equipment that allow us to engineer hot and cold aisle formats, allowing you to densely engineer your data centre maximising floor and rack space availible. Air options are an expert in engineering high density solutions and a small number of these can be seen under our recent projects.

We can design and install the perfect close control system, and can engineer N+1 standby arrangements giving you the peace of mind that should one system breakdown, you have a backup system that automatically picks up the pieces to maintain the temperature within your room. We all need to sleep at night and good solid engineering in business imperative environments is essential.

Clean rooms and Lab areas 

Clean room and lab managers require precise control over environmental conditions as well as cleanliness being of paramount importance in order to meet the requirements of the business model, and to offer safe working conditions for the occupants.

Whether this be for a manufacturing process requiring clean air environments or laboratories requiring differing pressure levels, consequently avoiding cross contamination, we are able to engineer the solution to suit. Air Options have installed many such systems for mixed purposes in both the manufacturing and pharmacological arenas as well as other unique applications such as forensic equipment storage where contamination of samples is a key issue and HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorption) filtration is used to eliminate this.

Process Cooling

Process cooling systems are generally completely bespoke and on the whole utilise water as a cooling medium. Often enough the purity of the water pumped or drawn via the clients process is a consideration whereby we are able to install water treatment plants to suit. Air Options have installed many systems since 1995 and can confidently say we aim to engineer the perfect solution for your process. Our managing director takes a personal interest in this specialist area and is more than happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs.