Server Room HVAC Maintenance

We specialise in business critical applications such as comms rooms, data centres and laboratories, and understand the importance in offering a quality portfolio of services, whether it be maintenance, design, or repair.

In all cases good PPM (planned preventative maintenance) can vastly improve equipment reliability and uptime. PPM agreements along with tailored SLA’s (service level agreements) can be engineered to offer site attendance within a matter of hours, remote monitoring and guaranteed fix times.

Why not speak to us about remote monitoring your room or engineering a backup solution (N+1 or N+2) as in all cases it’s not a matter of ‘if’ your existing system will break down, but ‘when’. All plant items will fail at some stage whereby we can furnish you with the knowledge of being prepared by putting the correct scalable measures in place, to pick up the pieces quickly, if not immediately. We can also work on scalable solutions to suit both budget and expansion.

We have the advice and expertise in house to build, maintain and repair robust air conditioning and ventilation systems, giving you the comfort of maximum uptime and security for your business.

Computer room solutions are engineered to be robust and offer precise control over the environment in order to ensure the IT equipment doesn’t fail. Failure could lead to invalidation of IT warranties (servers or alike) or network failure and file loss, causing business downtime and a consequent loss in revenue. Good design and maintenance is essential !

Please see one of our case studies for a successful installation and maintenance we have been involved with. Please click here for further details.