Ideal Climate Ltd

Since Air Options was formed in 1995 it has focused its attentions on commercial business solutions and grown the company expertise and skill set accordingly. Whilst Air Options has experimented in servicing the residential sector it was clearly apparent the business model did not lend itself to ‘mixing it up’, and the skill set created was best left focused in business to business markets.

As of the first quarter 2020, a new company will be launched focusing its attentions in the residential sector. The new company Ideal Climate, will work in partnership with Air Options, also falling under the Tekniikka group umbrella structure, giving it both the stability and expertise it requires to be successful. Ideal Climate will be headed by Brad Barnes, a well respected project manager at Air Options over many years. Brad has a firm understanding of what is required to deliver the services we promise on a daily basis and has the support of Air Options founder Wayne Longman to make the new business a success.

Should you have any residential air conditioning requirement whether this be heat pump installation, servicing or repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Air Options where we will happily redirect your call. Also don’t forget heat pump installations at home only attract 5% VAT making it a good time to purchase !