Microsoft Offers Innovative Chiller-less Data Centres

At Air Options, we’re always interested in the latest technology in our field and innovative solutions to new issues. Traditionally, server rooms and data centres have always needed considerable controls in place to ensure that they are kept at a regulated temperature, so that equipment does not overheat. We have a highly skilled team that regularly install close control systems and provide back-up systems that continue to maintain temperatures if your system encounters problems. This is a very important service to offer in an economy that relies on large amounts of technology and data. It’s especially crucial for massive companies such as Microsoft and Google, who now have chiller-less data centres.

Chiller-less data centres are seen as one of the most energy efficient ways of maintaining and regulating temperatures in large centres. Microsoft has stated that some of its centres do not have to use any chillers for their servers; chillers are used to keep water cool, but they are not very energy efficient and expensive to run in data centres of Microsoft’s size. The chiller-less data process involves using outside air in the air conditioning systems and running servers at a higher temperature allows free cooling to be used more and for an increased amount of time. If the outside air used in the free cooling process increases and is higher than the limit in a data centre, systems can be installed that will cool the air back down to an acceptable temperature.

A lack of chillers means that not as much water will need to be used in the process either, so water towers are not necessary. In large data centres, huge amounts of water are used with can be expensive and impact the environment. More and more technology companies are deciding to opt for free cooling methods, as it is cost effective, efficient and allows resources to be reduced. We’re always looking at ways of implementing new methods and technology at Air Options. Regulating data centres and servers is a perfect example of the way in which the demands of the industry are changing and the economic reliance on technology. It means that we’re even more dedicated to providing an effective service.