Chelmsford HQ Refurbishment

Air Options partnered a well know Essex based building contractor in refurbishing a prominent city centre headquarters. Air Options were short listed from a long list of HVAC firms and were appointed based upon ownership of design, qualification and offering good value for money.

Building32,000 sq/ft 4 storey Office Refurbishment
LocationCentral Essex
ManufacturerMitsubishi Electric
Heating & CoolingSimultaneous Heating and Cooling
VentilationHeat Recovery meeting Building Control Requirements
Appointment ObjectivesAccess, Consult, Design, and Install
Engineering AchievementsScalable, Flexible and Modular
Energy Savings30% when compared to existing
Enhanced Capital AllowancesYes
BudgetValue Engineered circa £500k + VAT
TimescaleDelivered ahead of programme
Project Success100%

Our design team were able to meet all current building control requirements and engineer a solution that would allow the incoming tenant to modify and adapt the system to suit their specific fit out requirements. A high quality ‘Category A’ fit out has been produced with varying future uses in mind future proofing the building for the terms of the plant.

Energy efficiency is a key consideration and the technology introduced offered substantial savings over the existing obsolete installation.  Energy efficient if engineered effectively can also be tax efficient, and go hand in hand, in meeting the requirements of the Carbon Trust in qualifying for enhanced capital allowance (ECA’s)

Whilst the technology and equipment installed is state of the art, grilles and diffusers often go overlooked.  Careful consideration was given to diffuser layout and selection to minimise the nuisance of draughts.  Ducted fan coils, connected via a low velocity ductwork infrastructure to swirl diffusers minimise noise and draught levels, maximising comfort levels.

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