Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency & Tax Breaks

Air conditioning energy efficiency is something that all businesses should be mindful of. As a responsible air conditioning company, we are dedicated to minimising our impact on the planet, and always try to use the most environmentally friendly products possible.

One of the added bonuses of energy efficient air conditioning systems, is that they can save you money. The most obvious means of money saving is down to the system itself. The more efficient your air con is, the less energy it will use and the more cost effective it will be to operate

Air Conditioning Tax Breaks

However, there are also government tax breaks available for businesses who use energy efficient air conditioning.

Air Options specialise in designing and installing air conditioning systems that are energy efficient, and often qualify for capital allowances to be included as part of your annual investment allowances.

Replacing R22 Systems with Efficient Air Con

We are also able to replace outdated and obsolete R22 systems with new, efficient air conditioning units and should be a consideration for any business looking to reduce their impact upon the environment.