Low Co2 Electric Cars !

Posted 9th December 2015

Ever committed to improving performance across it’s fleet, Air Options has invested in all of our futures in reducing the impact our fleet has upon the environment.

The VW Golf GTE uses a combination of high performance 1.4 petrol engine and electric cell motors to deliver extremely high mileage and performance offset against very low emissions.

Air Options have even invested in a plug in charging point at it’s head office in Witham, Essex.

The environmental benefits of hybrid vehicles are proven, particularly in cities where the ability to use the electric motor element at low speed significantly reduces CO2 emissions.  The vehicle also generates energy from braking, thus reducing further it’s reliance on the fossil fuel element of the car.

The Golf GTE being used by sales engineer Justin, is the only of only two hybrid vehicles in use by the company at the moment although it’s anticipated that within a few years all of our fleet will be hybrid or fully electric, consequently reducing our impact upon the environment.

We take ‘Our’ environmental responsibilities very seriously at Air Options,  and are constantly looking to reduce our carbon footprint in order benefit everybody for years to come.