Some interesting attempts at DIY Air Conditioning…!

Posted 29th April 2014

Television is heavily saturated with home decoration, and property programs Like “60 Second Make Over” and “Grand Designs”, and as a result, as a nation we are all becoming inspired to “Do It Yourself” in our own homes.

This bunch have decided to take DIY to the next level and attempt to install their own cooling units for their homes, office and even cars. We’ll leave it up to you to judge the results…!

If summers on it’s way and your car needs air con….?

This clever lot have decided to upgrade their cars by installing air conditioning into their cars..

And this ingenious car owner has built their own in car tubing system using hamster tubing….very innovative!

If your boss wont fork our on air con…

If your boss is a bit tight and unwilling to pay out for air conditioning this summer, you might have to make your own by finding something cold lying around the office and sellotaping it on to the nearest fan…genius!

And if your planning on a camping holiday this summer, and your worried about your tent being too hot…

Many of us know how difficult it can be trying to sleep in a hot tent on a hot summers morning…this lot of have the perfect solution!