Self Made Air Conditioners: The Bad, The Very Bad and The Ugly

Posted 10th December 2014
Self Made Air Conditioning

Most air conditioner owners spend a good amount of time, researching and reviewing the most professional and reliable machines on the market. However, unfortunately others tend to cut corners and try to save the pennies, with an attempt at creating air conditioning units themselves.

We went on a hunt to find the bad, the very bad and the ugliest looking machines we could find and have listed them below for your entertainment:

The bad

The ‘Home made ice powered car air conditioner’


Apparently costing around £3-£20 to make, this very poor attempt at a car air conditioner consists of a polystyrene box that is filled with ice and powered by a small travel style fan. The cold air is then circulated from two plastic plumbing tubes, which are directed in the driver and passenger’s direction to cool them as they travel…interesting. See more of this video here.


The ‘Dry ice home made air conditioner’

Slightly more clever than the last, this air conditioner is made from spare parts found around the creator’s home. The contraption mainly consists of a can, ‘fan vortex’, dry ice and rechargeable battery and once switched on, it then blows the dry ice out of the top, cooling the air. By the speed at which the dry ice would disapear, we believe this one could actually turn out to be pricey. Watch more of this video here.


The very bad

The ‘DIY Air Conditioner Window Installation Made Easy’


The video claims to ‘get your AC installed in no time flat with this quick lesson’. The video shows viewers how to screw a supermarket bought air conditioning unit into your window, by removing the glass pane and fixing it to the frame. We most certainly wouldn’t suggest that anyone should ever attempt this at home. Watch more of this video here.


The ‘Butter tub air conditioner’


You just need a butter tub and a usb fan (apparently) to make a very successful air conditioning unit. The down side of the machine, however, is that it only really produces enough air to cool a hand that is hovering above it.


….and the ugly

The ‘Homemade Air Conditioner (Use ice from water for better effect)’

This rather attractive looking machine was created using an empty tub, some ice, tubes and a fan. It may do the job of cooling the air, if you’re sitting near it, however we’d rather not choose to have one of these lying around in our home. Oh, and remember, it’s better to use ice made from water…for better effect? Watch more of this video here.


The ‘Trashcan air conditioner’

This attempt at an air conditioner was put together with a bin, an old, dusty fan, a couple of pieces of tubing and some ice. The cold air is then circulated from the two plastic tubes by the fan. The downside of this, besides it’s hideous appearance, is that (as the inventor also points out in the video) it doesn’t actually produce enough cold air to cool a room and it may “need some more ports”.See more of this video here.