What Type of Air Conditioning Unit Should You Choose?

Posted 7th September 2016

So, you’re thinking about installing an air-conditioning unit in your premises, but with lots of information out there, it’s difficult to know exactly what advice should apply to you. Here at Air Options, we specialise in installing, maintaining and repairing high-quality and energy efficient air conditioning systems. We’ve been around since 1995, so we know our stuff and have implemented the latest and most innovative technological advancements into the way that we work. Have a read though the types of systems that we can provide you with.

Single Room HVAC Installation

If it’s cellular, or smaller air conditioning applications that you’re after then we have a variety of options that we can offer you. Just let us know your requirements and we can recommend something for you. Smaller spaces can benefit from wall-mounted or ceiling units, which are really easy to install and leave space for expansion further down the line. Cassette systems are more well-hidden than wall or ceiling mounted units, as they are internal ceiling recessed and can be more efficient. We also offer ducted units, where all that’s visible is the grille and diffuser, in a colour of your choice. It’s an internal and external system which can be operated by using a LCD thermostat.

Multiple Room HVAC Installation

Large-scale spaces need to be able to be heated, ventilated and cooled thoroughly and extensively, so independent split, multi split, or VRF style systems can be implemented. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution then ceiling suspended or wall mounted systems are advisable. They’re not well hidden but are great for offices. A ducted type system is a network of insulated ducts and is hidden by a ceiling void. These systems have modifiable grilles and diffusers and evenly distribute air throughout premises when they’re placed.

Full Building HVAC Installation

Our engineers will assess your property and premises and advise on the most suitable system for you. With full buildings, Variable Refrigerant Volume or Flowsystems are popular as they have large heating and cooling capabilities and easily adaptable, so are perfect for big spaces. They’re made up of an internal four-way cassette, concealed ducted and wall mounted fan coils, which then links to external condensing units with large scale capabilities. Centralised Chillers and Air Handling Units that already exist in your premises can be upgraded, replaced or refurbished, so current standards are in place.

Server Room Air Conditioning Installation

It’s really important that the temperatures in labs, computer rooms and servers that manage data can be regulated, so equipment, materials and samples don’t overheat or get damaged. We will install equipment supplied by specialist manufacturers that specifically apply to the equipment that you have. We can engineer high density solutions and implement a back-up system in case your main system breaks down.

Whatever your requirements, we’re confident we can come up with solutions for you and your premises. Air Options and we’ll do the rest.