Glossary Of Terms


An Industry for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning which is used to refer to products or services of a general nature.


An abbreviation of Fan Coil Unit which is a generic name for the internal system which creates the cooling or heating effect, whether it be wall, ceiling, void mounted or otherwise.


An abbreviation for Air Handling Unit and similar to the above albeit on a larger and more centralised scale often serving smaller FCU’s.


An abbreviation for Condensing Unit. This plant is generally located externally or within a plant room and deals with the heat rejection/absorption. The CU is nearly always coupled with an AHU or FCU dependent upon the style of system offered.


An industry abbreviation for the type of system concept offered. In this case it stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume/Flow. These systems are of an energy efficient nature whilst retaining extremely small footprints and reduced noise levels.


DX or Direct Expansion is a system concept where refrigerant gas is utilised as the cooling medium and water is not utilised/circulated.


Chilled Water, often used when referring to water chiller style solution.


Low Pressure Hot Water is simply low pressure hot water pumped/circulated around a coil within a FCU/AHU to heat the area being served.

Water Chillers

This system concept utilises refrigerant as a cooling medium in addition to re-circulating water to deal with heat rejection/absorption.

Heat Pump

A term for a system which heats and cools via a single unit, whether it be Water Chilled or a DX system. This proves to be very energy efficient as the heating cycle is created by heat exchange as opposed to being reliant upon the assistance from electric heaters.


Enhanced Capital Allowances are attached as a consequence of good system/equipment selection. ECA’s allow the purchasing party to offset part or all of the installation costs against corporation tax in year one as opposed to the normal depreciation term.  Full details upon application.