College Air Conditioning

Air Options provide college air conditioning system installation, maintenance and repair.

College air conditioning systems are a helpful addition to the classroom environment allowing the teaching to remain the focus of the lesson.  Research suggests that extremes in temperature, be that hot or cold, can reduce the ability to learn.  By installing air conditioning units throughout your college, you can maintain a comfortable classroom temperature and learning environment.

Air Options are a leading air conditioning company with over 25 years experience in the industry.  Our team design and install air conditioning systems throughout London and the South East, and our service team specialise in maintenance plans to ensure minimal downtime.  You really need your air conditioning to be there when you really need it, whether its heating to warm a room, or cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity.

Our specialist teams have extensive knowledge of the leading manufacturer brands and only recommend the best solution for your specific project.  We can design multi room air con systems for greater efficiency or single unit systems for individual rooms.  We also have specialist experience of installing air conditioning for server rooms and data centres.

For more information contact out friendly team to discuss your requirements and how we can help.