Air Conditioning Not Working? We Can Help You

Air conditioning fault diagnosis

Use our handy online air conditioning fault diagnosis guide below to find out why.

Diagnosing a faulty air conditioning system can be a tricky process, but the most common causes of air conditioning breakdown are mis-installation, a lack of regular maintenance, or improper use. Because modern air conditioning systems are so technically complex, it is usually a good idea to call a qualified engineer to fix the problem for you. However, there are a few things that you can try before hand.

  • Check your surroundings to ensure windows and doors are closed – you will not feel the full benefits of air conditioning otherwise.
  • Check that your air conditioning is switched on and the right settings are selected.
  • If you’re using an infra-red remote control, check that the batteries are fresh.

It all sounds straight forward although we visit many systems where it’s a simple case of user error, or the handheld remote controller requiring battery replacement.

If your air conditioning still fails to work correctly, then review the following common air conditioning problems below to help with your diagnosis: