Air Conditioning Odour Treatment

When your air conditioning smells bad then it’s the first sign that something isn’t right. A healthy air con system shouldn’t smell like anything.  A clogged filter or a build-up of mildew or mould can affect both the running of the air conditioning system, as well as posing potential hygiene issues to those around it. A not particularly pleasant, but useful way of telling if this is the problem, is checking the filter for mould or bacterial growth. Both instances are easy to fix once you find the culprit.

Other potential reasons for smells coming from your air con could be a lack of cleaning or on a scarce occasion a leak of the refrigeration gas. The rule of thumb is if it smells bad, something is not right, and you should have an engineer look at it.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers who can visit your premises and diagnose what the issue is. They are also able to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently at competitive rates.

Get in touch to book a repair and keep your air conditioning running at its best and most efficient.