Commercial Heat Pump System Design

At Air Options, we are experts in commercial heat pump system design and provide first class commercial heat pump system design services to ensure a smooth installation, and reliable, energy efficient operation.

At Air Options our commercial heat pump system design services can dramatically improve the efficiency and running costs of your commercial heat pump system, reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

Thanks to our expert commercial heat pump system designers, all our  installations are planned and tailored to the individual requirements of your business, leaving nothing to chance.

Whether we’re designing a heat pump system to heat a hotel or hospital, warm your office or warehouse, or to provide complete temperature control in any other type of property, there are many variables in the initial design phase we consider to ensure your system performs efficiently and effectively.

During the design process, we take into consideration the following factors:

  • Building usage, size, age, design, access, etc.
  • Number of occupants and location
  • Ventilation, infiltration, fabric heat gains and losses
  • Timescale and budget
  • Running costs and environmental impact
  • Internal and external plant location
  • Flexibility, scalability and future proofing
  • Compliance with current regulations and legislation, including industry specific
  • Noise levels and acoustics
  • And more…

Regardless of your business sector and building type, Air Options can design, install, maintain and repair the ideal heat pump system for your business, allowing you to benefit from complete control of your workplace temperature. You will also have the additional peace of mind in knowing that your system is energy efficient and effective as a direct consequence of the design and planning process we put in place.

Our experience, professionalism and quality assurance provide reassurance that our heat pump design expertise will produce the best possible outcome for your business needs.

Contact our design services team to find out more.