Commercial Air Conditioning System Design

At Air Options, we are experts in commercial air conditioning system design and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the right solution for your business, no matter the application.

Commercial air conditioning system design is far more involved than most people realise and provides the crucial foundation on which all commercial installation projects should be built.

At Air Options, our bespoke commercial air conditioning design process has been perfected over a number of years and is based upon the latest industry standards & regulations, our expert engineering experience, and professional guidance from the manufacturers whose systems we install.

At the design stage, our expert commercial air conditioning system designers will take full ownership of the entire process, and pride themselves on always providing the right solution for the job in hand, no matter the application or environment.

Being commercial air conditioning design experts, we understand that every project is unique, and that each design includes multiple considerations. So, whether designing a brand new system, or retrofitting an old one, we will always consider the following:

  • Heat load calculations allowing us to evaluate heating and cooling loads required.
  • If there is the requirement for fresh air and ventilation based upon occupancy levels or to reduce the ingress of airborne pollutants, pollen or otherwise.
  • Taking the above into account we can advise based upon business sector and specific client requirement, or the
  • Client budget, and project timescale
  • Quality and reliability of the package installed
  • Running costs and environmental impact
  • Plant locations and access for periodic maintenance
  • Aesthetics whether your objective is hiding the installation or making it a standout feature and on display for all to admire.
  • Occupancy comfort levels in keeping draughts and noise levels to a minimum
  • Compliance in line with legislative guidelines, whether these be building control or stipulations by the HSE
  • Ensuring any design limitations do not invalidate manufacturer warranties
  • Scalability and future proofing installations where required

To ensure that your business environment is kept at the optimum temperature, well oxygenated, and pollutant free, energy-efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV) packages can now be included with all new installations. Speak to our air conditioning designers for more information.