Liebert Hiross Air Conditioning

Liebert-Hiross have a long history in the manufacture of specialist computer room air conditioning or CRAC systems and are considered a market leader in commercial cooling solutions for the IT sector.

Originally formed by Ralph Liebert in 1946, Liebert Hiross were the first air conditioning manufacturer to offer a fully redundant, self-contained air conditioning system that could be trusted to maintain temperature, humidity and air quality within the tight tolerances required by the early IT industry.

Since then, Liebert-Hiross’s reputation has gone from strength to strength, and their air conditioning systems are now seen as the benchmark in computer room and data centre cooling, improving the performance and up-time of the IT systems they are trusted to protect.


With vast experience in Liebert-Hiross air conditioning installation, at Air Options we are proud to be industry accredited Liebert-Hiross air conditioning installers. From project design, all the way through to installation sign-off, our designers & installation engineers have an expert working knowledge of all Liebert-Hiross air conditioning systems meaning we are always able to offer the best air conditioning solution for your computer room or data centre installation requirements.


To keep your Liebert-Hiross air conditioning system running at peak performance and to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, Air Options offer a flexible Liebert-Hiross air conditioning maintenance packages which can be tailored to the specialist requirements of your application or working environment.


In the rare event you experience a malfunctioning or broken-down Liebert-Hiross air conditioning unit, our expert Liebert-Hiross air conditioning repair engineers have the experience to diagnose and repair a wide range of  systems in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.