Air Conditioning Services for the IT Sector

Air Options offer a range of IT air conditioning services including system design, installation, maintenance & repair.

Why Choose Air Options?

We understand that precise control of temperature and humidity in your computer room or data centre is vital. Our air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services ensure that hardware remains stable, minimising downtime, errors and data loss.

Our insurer backed computer room air con installations are designed in-house with budget and performance in mind. We project manage installations from start to finish, and budget permitting will look to future proof your installation for many years to come given the fast pace at which IT technology evolves.

We only use quality products from reputable manufacturers familiar with comms room environments. Our work is carried out discreetly by in-house knowledgeable engineers working closely with the design time.

Computer Room and Data Centre Expertise

Our design engineers are able to create high density, resilient solutions with some confidence as we have been designing, installing and servicing commercial air conditioning and HVAC systems since 1994.

When installing air conditioning in a computer room we always consider:

  • Precise Control – Our systems offer precise control over temperature and humidity. Consistent temperature and humidity control will ensure your hardware remains stable and operates at peak performance, whilst reducing the likelihood of static – which can damage precious electronics.
  • Backup Systems – We design close control systems with resilience in mind and can engineer ‘N+1’ or ‘N+2’ standby arrangements. If one system fails, a backup will automatically swap over meaning you are far less likely to experience any hardware failures or downtime.
  • Energy Efficiency – Cooling is often required 24/7. Therefore, it is important to consider efficient systems to reduce your energy bills.
  • Maximising Rack Space – We use air conditioning equipment that allows us to create hot and cold aisle formats to maximise the floor and rack space available. We understood space is at a premium and engineer our solutions with this in mind.
  • Cleanliness and Combating Contamination – We install filtration and ventilation systems into computer rooms, forensic areas and alike. We understand the importance of reducing the likelihood of contamination whether this be dust, pollutants or otherwise. You need your area to remain clean and have the solution to help.
  • Alarms – To complement your comms room air conditioning installation, sometimes termed CRAC (computer room air conditioning) we can install early warning system whether this been temperate and humid, water leakage or otherwise. Alarms can be emailed, sent via voice dialler or centrally monitored to suit your specific requirement.

We have formed relationships with market leading manufacturers and can install systems from specialist firms such as Stulz and Liebert, in addition to more generic commercial products by Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic, to name a few. The list goes on and to find out more about the expertise we can offer in installing, servicing, and maintaining air conditioning in computer rooms, read our case studies, or contact us.

Computer Room Air Conditioning You Can Rely On

Previous Experience

We have a wealth of experience installing, maintaining and repairing specialist air conditioning systems for the IT industry and have worked on countless commercial air conditioning engineering contracts within the it sector. View our case studies to find out more.

Case Studies


We have relationships with some of the market-leading air conditioning manufacturers and can install systems from specialist firms such as Stulz and Liebert, in addition to more generic commercial products by Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. View our manufacturers to find out more.