Noisy Air Conditioning

Are you experiencing some unknown air conditioning noise from your unit?  Your air conditioning should be running quietly in an office environment, and unless everyone is silent, you shouldn’t be able to hear it. However, if you start to find that your air-con unit is making a racket, then it may indicate that something is wrong.  Getting this fixed sooner rather than later may prevent further issues.

Possible Issues

Many different types of noise could show a vast array of potential problems, meaning it can be tricky to work out precisely what the issue is. These noises can range from a loud whirring to a simple rattle and while not only annoying, they can also indicate a more severe problem.

Many faults crop up when an air conditioning unit is not kept in good order or is misused. For example, filters can get clogged up and let by, causing a fan scroll to collect dirt and debris leading to vibration (due to imbalance) inside the system causing excess noise and at the same time lowering efficiency. Additional system parts can consequently also become loose due to the vibration having a further knock-on and detrimental effect.

How We Can Help

At Air Options, our highly experienced engineers are skilled in diagnosing faults relating to noises and work fast to get your commercial air conditioning units back into action. With competitive pricing and a price promise covering repairs or otherwise, our team are happy to help with any project you might have, large or small.