LG Air Conditioning

GoldStar Co Ltd merged with its parent company Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp to form Lucky-GoldStar in 1983 which was later re-branded to LG in 1995.

The history of LG air conditioning can be traced all the way back to 1968 when GoldStar released their first air conditioning unit. Since then, LG have come a very long way, and now offer some of the most cost effective & energy efficient commercial air conditioning systems available today.


Air Options are professional LG air conditioning installers and have worked on a number of LG air conditioning installation projects across London and the home counties. Our experienced designers and engineers have a broad working knowledge of LG’s air conditioning products, meaning they are always able to suggest the right LG air conditioning unit for a commercial installation.

To keep your LG air conditioning unit running at optimum performance and your air-conditioned environment stable, Air Options also offer an LG air conditioning maintenance package which can be tailored to the individual requirements of your business.

Should you ever experience any issues with a faulty, or broken down LG air conditioning unit, you can rest assured that our expert LG air conditioning repair engineers have the knowledge to diagnose and repair your LG air conditioning unit in a cost-effective and timely fashion.