Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Packages

At Air Options, our commercial air conditioning maintenance packages provide peace of mind through regular, scheduled maintenance.

At Air Options, our commercial air conditioning maintenance packages have been designed to provide peace of mind through preventative, scheduled commercial air conditioning maintenance, ensuring that your commercial air conditioning systems are correctly maintained and continue to operate at peak performance at all times.


  • Direct/indirect refrigerant leak tests as appropriate (requirement of F Gas Regulation).
  • Check and clean all filters.
  • Check operation of louvers.
  • Check fan motors for condition/abnormal noise and correct operation.
  • Test condensate drain and pumps (where fitted) local to unit only.
  • Clean all equipment housings.
  • Clean lint and dirt from air-cooled condensers.
  • Lubricate all moving parts where able and required.
  • Check compressor oil level (via sight glass where fitted).
  • Check for fault codes.
  • Tightness test electrical connections, and check for water ingress. Excludes mains Isolators.
  • Check general condition/security of interconnecting services.
  • Complete full test run of system in all modes.
  • Complete F-Gas Log where available/applicable and sign off to client.
  • Advise on additional remedial actions / repairs where these maybe required.


Neglecting a commercial air conditioning system can often prove to be a false economy as the repercussions can be great, especially if you are an employer and are subject to statutory requirements to ensure that your commercial air conditioning systems are correctly maintained. In all cases we encourage you to consider the following:

Government F-Gas Legislation: Government legislation dictates that commercial air conditioning systems of a certain size require yearly checks. We do these checks as part of our scheduled maintenance, but can also provide by means of a one-off visit.

HSE Legislation and Guidance: Whilst we have outlined the importance of maintenance to comply with the F-Gas legislation above, it is also vital that commercial air conditioning systems are correctly maintained wherever they incorporate, or work in conjunction with fresh air ventilation systems as neglected maintenance can reduce the levels of fresh air supplied and can have many implications including sick building syndrome. In addition to this, please see the following workplace health and safety guidance document which outlines the basic facts.

Energy Efficiency: Maintenance tasks are carried out to keep the system as energy efficient as possible. Neglecting this will cause the system to use more energy during normal operation, incurring unnecessary additional energy costs.

Reliability and Damage: Scheduled maintenance is proven to extend plant life and keep your commercial air conditioning systems running reliably. Neglected maintenance may lead to system breakdowns, proving costly and leading to unplanned down time.

Comfort and Control: Comfort can be negatively affected through neglected maintenance owing to reduced air flow and temperature control. Regular maintenance will ensure optimal comfort as a well maintained system will continue to work within the design specifications.

Hygiene: Bearing in mind that all air conditioning systems incorporate filtration, in the event that maintenance is neglected it can adversely affect the hygiene of the space the system serves and increase bacterial growth within the installed plant. All air conditioning systems make use of condensate drains and trays to facilitate moisture removal from the served space. These also need cleaning periodically, or once again bacteria can form.

Smells and Odours: Routine maintenance is instrumental in keeping undesirable smells at bay. System internals are cleaned along with filters which help reduce bacterial growth that can consequently cause smells. In addition, we are able to treat the system with specialist biocidal cleaning products as an additional service if required.

Warranty: To validate any warranty offered by the manufacturer, essential maintenance is required. In the event you do not have proof of maintenance your warranty will be invalidated in part or full. Given many manufacturers now offer parts warranties for up to 5 years, it makes additional economic sense to have your system regularly maintained.


One off ad-hoc maintenance visits are non-committal other than the one-off visit. We are happy to offer this service although it will be without the contractual benefits outlined below.

Contractual Maintenance – new installation by Air Options: We offer maintenance agreements from 1-3 years. Being under contract gives you the benefits outlined within the PDF and ensures your warranty remains intact. All in all, should you not be under contract, your service or breakdown will not be prioritised above a contract customer.

Contractual Maintenance – systems out of warranty: The same as the above without warranty management where the systems are without warranty. Yes, we can maintain your system even if we didn’t install it, even if it is out of warranty.


Maintenance agreements will only include parts should a valid warranty exist with Air options, or should we be able to manage the warranty on behalf of a third party at our discretion.

Maintenance agreements include consumables in line with the particulars of the agreement, although exclude labour and materials for system repair or upgrades.

Replacement filter costs can be included/ excluded within the contract to suit client requirement and upon application.

The responsibility of system design and configuration sits with the installing party. Should any additional services be required, such as upgrade or reconfiguration please contact one of our design team.

Maintenance contracts will be offered and tailored to suit the specific needs of the client or their building. We offer free surveys should it be commercially viable to do so.