R22 Phase Out

Even if your old air conditioning unit is still fully functional, those which were installed before 2003 are likely to include an R22 system. While it may not sound like much, this system could release ozone-damaging chlorine gas into the air, which has a detrimental impact on the earth’s surface.

In line with the worldwide legislation to phase out ozone-damaging substances, R22 was banned, as of 1st January 2015. If your current air conditioning systems contain this gas, it means that the manufacturer will no longer support it. This leaves businesses in a tricky situation as it then means that if the unit develops a fault, you are unlikely to be able to repair it. You may be left with an un-serviceable and an unsupported piece of equipment.

There are several solutions that we offer to help support your business during this transition.


Refurbishment is the most cost-effective solution in the short term, we can retrofit safer gas choices in place of the outdated R22.


In the longer term, this works out more cost-efficient and will allow you to upgrade to a more environmentally-friendly system operating on R410a or R32 Refrigerant. To help keep costs low, we reuse interconnecting services and some indoor units.