Heat Pump, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Services for the Healthcare Sector

Air Options offer a range of HVAC services for the healthcare sector including system design, installation, maintenance & repair.

Being unwell can easily be exacerbated by poor air quality or an overly hot or cold room. As such, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a healthcare setting not only makes the environment better for doctors, nurses, and carers, it can also make patients feel more comfortable too.

At Air Options, we offer a range of heat pump, ventilation & air conditioning services to the healthcare sector and can install, maintain, and repair commercial air source heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems in any healthcare setting, from care homes to dentists surgeries, and doctors’ surgeries to hospital wards. Our friendly and highly skilled engineers can install heat pumps, ventilation & air conditioning systems into a single room or a full building and are trained to work with systems from all of the major manufacturers, so will always fit the right system for your setting.

Because we understand that budgets are strict within healthcare sector, we also offer a Price Promise and ensure that our work will always come in on budget.

Specialist Air Conditioning Design for Healthcare Buildings

When we design air con systems for a healthcare building, there are several specific factors that we consider:

  • Keeping everyone comfortable; air con systems need to provide an ambient, comfortable temperature throughout. There can be no uncomfortable drafts that might disrupt patient care.
  • Maintaining cleanliness; to ensure a healthy environment, air conditioning systems are designed to reduce bacterial harbouring.
  • Eliminating Cross Contamination; We have experience in installing air con in medical laboratories, so we know about the problems caused by cross contamination. The air in certain rooms in a hospital must not mix with the air in others to stop the spread of diseases or to keep laboratory tests uncontaminated. We design air con systems that keep this air separate.
  • Patient Confidentiality; Some poorly designed air conditioning systems make it easier to hear activities from adjacent rooms – this cannot happen when patient confidentiality is a priority. Our systems are designed to stop this sound transfer via strategically placed attenuation.

Discreet and Friendly Staff

The Air Options team put friendly customer service and expert workmanship above all else. Our engineers will be discreet, friendly, and polite when they undertake work to any specialist business sector especially sensitive healthcare environments where staff and patient well being is key.