Multi Room HVAC

Multiple room HVAC systems can vary from small to large scale solutions, depending on the number of rooms that require heating, ventilating or cooling. This can be achieved via installation of independent split style systems, multi split, or larger VRV style packages, with individual units per room or a central ducted package giving overall control and coverage via a discreet ductwork and grille arrangement.

Whatever suits your premises and budget, we have the know-how and experience to produce a turnkey package to meet your expectation.


Typically, these systems are wall or ceiling mounted units connected to an external condenser without being hidden or recessed. They are ideal for small and medium office applications, with wall mounted systems often being the most cost effective in smaller areas.


These systems are hidden within a ceiling void or plant area and deliver the warm or cold air into the space via a network of insulated duct. Inconspicuous grilles and diffusers are located at strategic locations throughout the area served, delivering even air distribution. If engineered sympathetically, these types of systems can be virtually draught free and aesthetically pleasing.


For multi-room systems we can offer competitive HVAC maintenance packages tailored specifically to meet the needs of a particular system. Servicing interval periods could range from 6 to 12 months depending on the size of the system and budgetary constraints. Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your systems efficient and effective whilst complying with legislation.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of regular servicing, saving you money and time in ensuring your system remains an investment as opposed to a liability. In the event you have concerns regarding the quality of service or workmanship, please rest assured this is fully guaranteed and backed by our price promise.


We offer a speedy call out service and competitive rates. We aim to get your systems up and running quickly and cost effectively backed by our price promise.

If you are experiencing problems with your multi-room air conditioning or heat pump system, and it isn’t performing as efficiently as usual, we can dispatch an engineer to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Multi-room systems are generally air conditioning and heat pump systems that serve multiple areas ideally upon the same floor. System concepts are referred to in the industry as twin or triple split systems, slightly larger systems being referred to as multi-splits and VRV (variable refrigerant volume) or VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems being the most advanced with dozens of internal systems served by a single external unit.


Large commercial premises require reliable systems capable of providing adequate heating, ventilation and cooling throughout. Your HVAC installation should only be carried out by a contractor with a thorough understanding of the business sector you are in, who understands your needs, and most importantly has the design skills to complete the works. This will in turn ensure your system is reliable and efficient for many years to come.

We will be happy to advise, and will understand all works associated with any repairs, maintenance or installation works needed. Drop us a line today.