Hospital Air Conditioning

Air Options provide a range of hospital air conditioning services including installation, maintenance & repair.

Hospital air conditioning can be critical, and where installed, needs to be reliable. At Air Options we have a great deal of experience in providing air conditioning solutions to the medical and healthcare sector and can install, maintain & repair hospital air conditioning systems in wards, waiting rooms, operating theatres, laboratories, offices, kitchens and alike.

Hospital Air Conditioning Installation

Our hospital air conditioning installation services provide a tailored installation that accounts for the buildings age, layout, and usage. Hospitals come in all shapes and sizes and our expert design and installation team will engineer the best possible solution to deliver a temperature-controlled environment throughout the building where required.

Hospital Air Conditioning Maintenance

Hospital air conditioning maintenance is highly important to ensure the safe & hygienic operation of an air conditioning system within the hospital environment. Our contract or ad hoc hospital air conditioning maintenance services ensure that the environment within your hospital remains clean, cool, and comfortable. Don’t wait until it’s too late – regular maintenance of a hospital’s air conditioning system is a priority that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Hospital Air Conditioning Repair

Should the worst happen, and you find yourself with a broken down or malfunctioning system, our hospital air conditioning repair services will have you up and running again as quickly as possible. Our engineers are familiar with all major air conditioning system manufacturers, enabling them to provide a fast and reliable repair service when you need it most.