Commercial Air Conditioning Refurbishment Services

Air Options provide commercial air conditioning refurbishment services and are often able to refurbish or retrofit an old commercial air conditioning system for less than the cost of new installation.

In the event your office or workspace is being refurbished or fitted out we can overhaul or refurbish your current commercial air conditioning system to align with the works. Refurbishing an existing commercial air conditioning system can be tailored to suit your needs depending upon system age, budget, and historical maintenance regimes.

Entry-level commercial air conditioning refurbishment would require a full service including deep cleaning, filter replacement, and assessment of the current control strategy and how it aligns with your current needs. Entry level commercial air conditioning refurbishment is generally viable where your office or workspace layout is relatively unchanged and the system design still aligns with the needs of your business.

On the other end of the scale the commercial air conditioning refurbishment works could be more extensive requiring both internal and external plant relocation, additional new systems, reducing noise levels via attenuation, reducing draughts and ventilation upgrades. All these more extensive upgrades will boost performance whilst being focused on energy efficiency in reducing the running and ownership costs for your business. We are seeing this type of commercial air conditioning refurbishment more and more, as wellbeing in the workplace is key in motivating your workforce and creating a pleasant environment to work within.

Upgrades and refurbishment of your commercial air conditioning system can be carried out to offer the following:

  1. Improved cleanliness

Whether this be simple replacement or improved filter media quality, cleanliness can also be improved by adjustments to your ventilation system to ensure it pressurises your office slightly (don’t worry you wont notice) to prevent the ingress of fumes and contaminants from outside.

  1. Reduced Noise Levels

We can often reduce noise levels in your working environment whether this be via strategically located attenuation, or whether it be via modifications to the infra-structure to reduce system velocities in relation to air flow from ducts and grilles. Good system design is key here in reducing noise levels as part of your air conditioning or HVAC refurbishment.

  1. Reduced Draughts

We often see poorly designed systems where air velocities are too high along with poor grille selection or location. We have the expertise at hand to engineer air flow rates and temperatures to minimise draughts and maximise user comfort. Draughts can also be a consequence of a poor control strategy and easily reviewed as part of your air conditioning refurbishment.

  1. Energy Efficient Controls

When refurbishing your commercial air conditioning system we would always review the existing control strategy and evolve it where required. It could be a simple case of relocation of wall mounted controllers or air sensors or interfacing your system with a new or existing BMS (building management system) allowing all the functionality this gives.

  1. Aesthetics

On many occasions aesthetics play an important part when refurbishing your office or workspace. The best designed commercial air conditioning systems quite simply cannot be seen and that is the goal for most of our clients. Dependent upon the level of refurbishment you require this will also be taken into consideration.

  1. Temperature Stability

Temperature is key and it’s vital that the rating (KW performance) of your system is considered as part of the refurbishment. You should seldom feel hot or cold whilst at work, and whilst temperature can be subjective, but the effects of a well engineered system should go unnoticed in your workplace until you step outside in summer or winter conditions.

We have installed and refurbished hundreds, if not thousands of systems over the years and whatever level of commercial air conditioning refurbishment you require, we are here to help. We have been trading in Britain for nearly 30 years in this specialist field and are proud to be independently owned giving us free rein to work with all of the market leading manufacturers.