Ventilation Services

Air Options offer a range of commercial ventilation services designed keep your business well ventilated with clean, fresh air, and save you money on your energy costs.

At Air Options, we offer a range of ventilation services including system design, installation, maintenance & repair.

With more than 25 years’ experience in commercial ventilation engineering, we have earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading ventilation contractors and have worked across a wide range of commercial sectors and building types, making us a go-to choice for any business seeking to employ the services of a professional ventilation company.


Quality Ventilation provides the following benefits to almost any environment should it be correctly designed to do so, and to suit your exacting needs. The systems can be configured to offer fresh air circulation whether this be 100% fresh air make up or otherwise. Some of the benefits:

  • Filtered fresh air – Differing levels of filtration can produce a very clean and fresh environment
  • Extraction of stale air – Stale air and contaminants can be removed from the working environment
  • Regulation & legislation – You are duty bound as an employer to offer minimum levels of fresh air
  • Regulate temperature – Ventilation will regulate the temperature of your working environment
  • Reduce humidity – Humidify levels can be controlled and reduced where designed to do so
  • Remove pollutants – Both pollutants and unwanted contaminants can be removed and prevented from entering a workspace with good ventilation system design.
  • Staff Well being – A well ventilated office or working environment can only improve the health and well being of the building’s occupants. Poor ventilation is a contributing factor of sick building syndrome where good ventilation is an essential consideration for all building types.
  • Cross contamination – We engineer ventilation systems considering positive and negative air pressures and if carefully considered we can control the flow of the air to ensure areas are not cross contaminated which is extremely useful when designing systems for laboratory, clean rooms or healthcare settings.


Ventilation can be categorised three ways; natural or passive, mechanical, and hybrid ventilation. Natural ventilation sometimes referred to as passive ventilation relies upon wind pressure or the stack effect to channel or draw unfiltered air from the outside environment, whereas mechanical ventilation uses electric fans or impellers to push and/or pull air from the outside ambient environment via a fresh air handler, otherwise known as an air handling unit or AHU.

As the air passes through the AHU system, it is in all cases filtered of contaminants from the outside world for cleanliness via differing grades of filter. Where the external ambient air temperature is lower than the desired internal temperature, in winter for instance, the same air is heated by means of an electric, LPHW (low pressure hot water), DX (direct expansion heat pump) or gas fired heating coil, until the desired internal temperature is achieved. On the flip side, should the external ambient air outside be of a higher temperature, in summer, it can be cooled, via means of a DX (direct expansion) air conditioning or reverse cycle heat pump, or CHW (chilled water) coil.

Hybrid ventilation uses a combination of both natural and mechanical vent to align with the specific needs of you and your building. These schemes are often considered as part of an upgrade or refurbishment, where the existing natural or passive ventilation system does not accommodate current legislation or HSE guidelines based upon occupancy levels and modern working standards.


Heat recovery ventilation or HRV differs from a traditional mechanical ventilation system in that a heat recovery ventilation system is able to recover lost heat energy from the outbound, or extracted air, to heat the inbound fresh air via a recuperator or thermal wheel, offering a significant reduction in running costs due to improved energy efficiency.

There are many heat recovery ventilation systems available and given the market leading packages offered via Daikin (VAM-FC) and Mitsubishi Electric (Lossnay LGH) these are easily retrofitted as complimentary additions to modern heat pump and air conditioning systems, into almost any office or commercial environment.


If you are unsure if you need, or would indeed benefit from a ventilation installation, we have the expertise to help. It doesn’t matter if you work in a small or large office, GP surgery or laboratory, we are happy to advise which ventilation system you need, whilst being confident we can design a competitive package that meets your requirements.


In a time of increased energy costs, all of our services are aimed at saving your business money on ventilation. So, whether we’re installing a brand new system, maintaining or servicing your current system, or repairing a faulty or broken down system, we will always do our best to save your business money on energy.