Daikin Air Conditioning

Japanese manufacturer, Daikin, present themselves as ‘the world’s number one air conditioning company’, and it’s easy to see why. Founded in 1924, they have established themselves worldwide with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and close communication between distributor, dealers, staff, and customers.

We work with Daikin air conditioning products because the company are constantly researching and developing innovative technologies that allow for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing process – something that resonates strongly with our Environmental Policy.


Having been a Daikin D1 partner since 2005, Air Options are the UK’s leading Daikin air conditioning installers and are well versed in all aspects of Daikin air conditioning installation. Our trusted in-house Daikin accredited air conditioning installation engineers provide project realisation from start to finish and are able to install from the full range of Daikin air conditioning units, ensuring the ideal air conditioning solution for any commercial environment.

With our extensive knowledge of products built up over the last 15-20 years, we are able to quickly and accurately review existing systems ensuring your new Daikin proposal or replacement product is energy efficient, compatible and optimised for current requirements.


We also recommend routine maintenance of your Daikin Air Conditioning unit, and as such, are able to offer a dedicated Daikin maintenance package. This identifies potential problems before they become a real headache and ensures that your air con works at an optimum level, remaining efficient and cost effective throughout its lifetime.


Finally, should you experience an issue with your Daikin air conditioning system, our Daikin repair engineers are usually able to repair broken Daikin air conditioning units quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime, and any negative impact on your business.

If you are a contractor requiring information about specifications or parts for Daikin air conditioning systems, please visit the Daikin website and contact Daikin directly.