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Air Conditioning Leaking Water

If you discover your aircon leaking water then there are a couple of initial diagnosis steps to go through.  Firstly please note,  if it is your external air conditioning unit leaking water, then this can be normal. External units (the part of the air con system that is not indoors) often leak water and this is nothing to generally worry about.

Secondly, if your internal air con is leaking, then there is a problem somewhere in the system. Leaks are often a consequence of a system fault due to a blocked drain, filter, evaporator or faulty condensate pump that could be prevented through regular maintenance and servicing.

What to do About Leaks

  1. The first thing that you must do is turn it off and remove any electrical equipment from around it.
  2. Put a bucket underneath the leak to catch the water. If you think that water may have infiltrated wiring, sockets, or any other equipment then please do not touch them.
  3. Call our Team immediately so we can diagnose the issue with your specific unit and system.

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