Bespoke / Individual Packages

At Air Options we are able to offer a wide range of products and designs which we can tailor to each clients requirements.

We appreciate that all sites have their own limitations / requirements and often standard systems won’t always be the most suited. We are constantly looking to offer the best solution to our customers with options where needed to re-engineer / redesign and enhance standard solutions¬† . There are very few sites that we have not been able to assist with, with space / budget / aesthetic and local authority constraints all to be taken into account at the design stage.

Some of the options we have offered and installed to our clients are:


  • Colour Coded outdoor units to site specific RAL colours
  • Colour Coded indoor units, wall / ceiling suspended unit dismantling, paint and rebuild.
  • Replacement 4-way cassette facia’s, either factory white / black or site specific RAL colour
  • Manufacturer strip and rebuild of outdoor units assisting with access limitations.
  • Site specific filter upgrades to plant ensuring long lifespan of plant and efficient operation.
  • Indoor condensing unit packages where sites do not permit external plant.
  • Wi-Fi, Controls packages to operate alongside standard controls to improve control flexibility.
  • Refrigerant leak detection systems.
  • Bespoke controls packages for comms / server rooms to offer automatic duty rotation / backup start / temperature and system monitoring and local / remote alerting.
  • 4-Way cassette facia collars to assist with installations having reduced ceiling void depths.
  • Remote integration of 3rd party systems, i.e. booster fans / heaters / dampers.
  • Bespoke duct work and airflow distribution packages.
  • Acoustic packages including internal / external enclosures and sound attenuation measures.
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Key project points
  • Design: Site Specific
  • Consultation: Client Requirements
  • Site: Constraints
  • Budget: Optional Extras / Acessories
  • Surrounding: Plant Size / Noise Constraints
  • Energy Rating: Efficiency Upgrade Options improving SEER's / COP's
  • AirFlow / Performance: Low Velocity / Even Distribution