10 Benefits of Air Conditioned Offices

Posted 4th February 2016
Office space

When you run your own organisation, you have to question every potential decision for its cost effectiveness to ensure that you’re making the most out of the budget you have. Installing air conditioning can be a significant investment so naturally you’ll want to assess the advantages of a system and decide if it’s really worthwhile.

Here at Air Options, we’re the UK’s leading Air-Conditioning specialists and our high quality systems have been installed in many offices across the country. We want to share with you the 10 benefits of air conditioned offices:


The first thing you think of with air conditioning is the regulation of temperature. In short, it’ll provide a regulation system that will make sure that your employees are comfortable, whatever the temperature.


Being too hot or cold can mean that an employee’s productivity decreases and they can’t work to their optimum potential. Obviously this isn’t good for the overall performance of your organisation, so getting the temperature right is essential.


There’s a pre-conception that air conditioning can be noisy and distracting to workers. This is true for older systems, but at Air Options, all of our systems are high quality and have low level noise, so that employees won’t be aware of the system while it’s running.

New Technology

Offices have changed a lot over the last few decades and that’s mainly down to the influx of new technology. Having a large amount of computers and other electrical components in an office and they need to have a cool environment in order to avoid breakdowns.


Air-conditioning isn’t just about temperature; air conditioning also has filters that allow the air that passes through the system to be filtered of allergy producing mites and fungi, meaning that the general health and wellbeing of employee’s is protected.


Having a very hot office in the summer means that employees need to keep cool, so naturally they’ll open a window. However, if windows are not shut or shut properly at the end of the day, this can lead to a security risk and can be especially dangerous if there are data protection issues.

Building relationships

If you have external guests coming onto site for a meeting then you want to give off a good first impression. If your meeting rooms are hot and stuffy it’ll make people more irritable and uncomfortable, which won’t make your organisation look good and could cost you a deal.


You have an obligation to your employees to provide a clean, comfortable and healthy environment for them, it’s a basic thing to get right but it can be one of the most important.

Save money

If you have air conditioning in place which filters air to ensure that it is clean and healthy, the chances of your employees becoming ill will decrease, therefore they will take off less sick days per year and this will save your organisation money in the long-term.


If your staff are going through a particularly tough period of time at work, they need to feel comfortable. If the room is too hot, this can make them irritable and stressed during difficult times when they need to be on top form.

Air Options can help your office with air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs and we’re with you every step of the way. We can help transform your office into a comfortable place where your employees will want to work and will feel content in.