What can cause air conditioning systems to fail?

Posted 4th January 2018
What can cause air conditioning systems to fail?

Although air conditioning systems are designed to be as sturdy and durable as
possible, there are unfortunately a number of things that could occur if you do not
take good enough care of your system. By knowing just what it is that can cause air conditioning
systems to fail, you can take the correct steps to ensure that you
increase the life of your air-conditioning unit and prevent it from breaking down

Wear and tear

Perhaps the single most common cause of problems to air-conditioning systems is
general wear and tear that happens over time. Such wear and tear is inevitable and
gradually builds up over the months and years without any clear or obvious signs of
damage before a major malfunction suddenly occurs. In general, air-conditioning
units tend to last around a decade before some kind of problem occurs, although you
can significantly increase this life by investing in regular maintenance and minor
repair work.

Leaking refrigerant

Refrigerant is the life-blood of your air conditioning unit, so it is vital that your system
contains sufficient levels in order to work properly and optimally. Unfortunately, this
is not a problem that can simply be fixed by adding more refrigerant into the unit as
this will eventually leak out in time and could even cause further damage. In order to
properly fix this problem, you will need an expert to get to work on your unit to fix the
problem permanently.

Infrequent maintenance

Dust and debris can build up in your air-conditioning system over time, which must
regularly be cleaned out, while there are also other tweaks and fixes that will need to
be performed so that your air con can continue working at an optimal level. The best
way to ensure that your system does not break down due to being poorly maintained
is to get in touch with a company that will perform any maintenance and repair work
on your air-conditioning system on a regular basis.

Ventilation issues

Every air-conditioning system will need to have sufficient ventilation in order to get
rid of any condensation and moisture. Usually this will be directly to the outdoors, but
in some cases, it may go through a longer funnelling process if your air con unit isn’t
within range of the outdoors. Poor ventilation can lead to the build-up of moisture
and can eventually cause mould and bacteria to grow, causing serious damage to
your system, and those breathing the air it expels. Make sure your air-conditioning
system is correctly installed.

Broken technical features

Any air-conditioning system is made up of a number of technical and mechanical
components such as fans, capacitors and filters which are liable to break down,
especially if they are not regularly checked up on. If any one of these components
has a breakdown or even suffers from minor structural damage, your air-conditioning
unit as a whole could be at a risk of a mechanical failure. This also stresses the
importance of regular checkups and maintenance work, as completely replacing a
component can be a lot more expensive than having minor repair work performed
upon it.