How to Reduce your Air Conditioning Bill this Summer

Posted 9th August 2019

Summer: long, warm days, refreshing ice creams and the prospect of getting a tan – what’s not to love? Homes and offices up and down the country will soon be complaining about the stifling temperatures and the cost of running the air con so extensively. But, with some expert advice from Air Options, it is possible to reduce your air conditioning bill this summer. Here’s how.

Ditch the Appliances

Okay so we get it’s not possible to run a business or a home without any electrical appliances, but you can encourage everyone to switch everything off when not in use. Computers, televisions, washing machines, printers, lights, photocopiers – they all give off heat, which will serve to make the ambient temperature that little bit more uncomfortable. Get into the mindset of switching everything off at the plug when it’s not needed. Not only will you save money on your air conditioning bill but you’ll also help to keep things that little bit cooler.

Get A Regular Service

If you want to get the most from your air conditioning unit, then keep it running smoothly; it’s vital. Not only will this ensure you’re never left without a functioning air conditioning service, but you’ll also catch any minor niggles before they escalate. Therefore, the whole thing will run more efficiently. This is one occasion when it’s well worth spending the money to save money. As a leading supplier of air conditioning units, Air Options maintains that a regular service is one of the most important ways to maximise efficiency and to keep running costs down.