The Many Advantages of Air Conditioning – London

Posted 14th September 2015
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The cost of installation and maintenance of air conditioning units London may seem prohibitive when you first consider whether to invest in air conditioning for your office. You may think it is only something that is to be valued and needed during the summer months, and let’s face it; the UK hardly ever suffers the extremes of heat found in some other European countries. However, there are a number of features offered by air conditioned offices which will be advantageous all year round. Here, we explore just a few of these.

The different uses of air conditioning units

People forget that many air conditioning units on the market today are not only capable of cooling a room, but they also feature the ability to warm the same space when required. You can control the temperature at the flick of a switch, delivering almost immediate heat; unlike radiators, which take a far longer time to warm up. This feature is ideal in Britain’s changeable climate.

Air purification

These days, many air conditioning units in London also feature air purification as a standard feature. It is a well-known fact that the incidence of allergies to pollen and other air pollutants is on the rise. Fitting a unit with an anti-fungus filter helps prevent allergy-causing mites, smoke and dust particles from entering the building, making the air in your office clean, fresh and hygienic.

And, of course, should we ever experience a real summer with high temperatures, air conditioning can prove invaluable. The temperature of any room can quickly be reduced to more comfortable levels, without the need to open windows. The cooling effect is more rapid and efficient than relying on a summer breeze.

Some other advantages of an air conditioning system

By not having to open windows to let air in, you are keeping out insects. External noise pollution is kept to a minimum, improving working conditions by minimising distractions of this kind. Additionally, the security of your building is improved too, because there is no need to open windows and offer temptation to opportunist thieves.

Finally – and most importantly, in terms of converting the initial cost of installation into longer term savings – today’s air conditioning units are highly energy-efficient. In fact, it’s estimated that when used properly, they consume as much as 80% less power than any other form of electric heating. If you are considering swapping your existing under-floor heating system or electric convectors for A/C, then you are making the right choice.