R22 Phase Out Looming

Posted 10th June 2014
R22 Phase Out Looming

As of January 2015, both virgin and recycled R22 will be banned!

The chances are that if your air conditioning system was installed before 2003 you have an R22 system installed. So what does this mean for you and your air conditioning……

R22 releases chlorine into the air which reacts to the ozone, emitting harmful ultraviolet rays, these rays reach the earths surface causing health and environmental issues. In response to this the Montreal Protocol was signed to phase out all ozone depleting substances by 2030.  In Europe the phase out date and consequent ban is as of 1st January 2015.

This ban will affect all air conditioning and heat pump equipment that uses R22 refrigerant. After 2015 any equipment utilising or operating with R22 refrigerant gas will no longer be supported by the manufacturer and if it is not decommissioned, will find yourself with unsupported and unserviceable equipment.

Air Options have a number of solutions that will best suit your business and budget in replacing your plant. This ranges from installation of a new replacement system to a cost effective refurbishment of your current air conditioning plant where able. Please see our environmental policy for additional information.

R22 Refurbishment

Refurbishment is the most cost effective way of changing from R22 although medium and long term, is not a cost effective option due to the likely age of the plant. R417A is one of many drop in replacement gasses we can offer, or retro-fit means we can utilise the more effective R410A refrigerant.

R22 Replacement

Units that are in poor condition and unsupported by the manufacturer will benefit from being replaced, as this is likely to be the most cost effective option available. This option gives you the opportunity to upgrade to a more energy efficient system, which will offer savings whilst aligning with your buildings current cooling and heating requirement, as this is likely to have changed in recent years. In many cases we can re-use the interconnecting services and in some cases even the indoor units can be retained. Warranty packages would also be available between 12 months and 5 years making replacement more cost effective than you might think

During 2014 we are offering cost effective upgrade packages and more information, help or advice please contact us today, where we’ll be happy to help. Please don’t forget about our price promise.