The 3 Air Conditioning Issues to Watch out for

Posted 6th March 2019

Any AC manufacturer will build their units to last – therefore when things begin to go wrong with them, there are three air conditioning issues to watch out for. The most common cause of problems within units is improper operation. It would be best if you always made sure all the essentials are in correct order to begin with; your windows and doors will need to be closed to ensure your unit has the desired effect. You can also ensure that the rooms in which the units are operating in are isolated from any areas of the house that may impede their functionality by being more exposed to the outside.

Other issues you will want to look to avoid will arrive through faulty installation, poor service procedures and shoddy maintenance. These improper installations will undoubtedly result in the need for repair – as they can cause issues around leaking ducts and bad facilitation of air flow.

Leaks or Low amounts of Refrigerant

It may be that the quantity of refrigerant in the system does not match the manufacturer’s specifications. The refrigerant replenishment can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your AC model, and you’ll want to avoid overfilling your air conditioning unit as this could make matters worse.

If your unit does begin to leak, there could be a few reasons for this including basic wear and tear, shocks or vibrations that damage or weaken the seals between pipes or formic acid which develops naturally around your pipes – which can begin to deteriorate their condition. Research reveals that corrosion of your AC coils is responsible for around 40% of equipment failures in industrial applications.

Electrical Issues

Over multiple cycles of compression and decompression, your compressor may fail. This failure is more likely to occur where you are continuously turning your unit on and off; it is common if your unit is oversized.

If your wiring was inadequately completed during installation, this could lead to accelerated corrosion within your wires which can lead to multiple complications. From risk of failure to heat development – malfunctioning wires can be a hazard, one of which you should get inspected at the earliest convenience.

Sensor Failure

The sensor’s position within your HVAC system is vital in ensuring that it doesn’t incur any sudden strange behaviour changes. These behavioural changes may occur if the sensor is displaced near the evaporative coil – which may already be cold – the unit may inaccurately assume that the room temperature is cool. Therefore, it will deactivate the compressor and you will feel the fresh chilled air stop circulating.

You can fix this problem manually, within the control panel you should be able to adjust the wire that holds your sensor in place. Moving your sensor away from the evaporative coil – then checking the correct temperature and mode is enabled – can help to resolve this problem.

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