When Should You Service Your Air Conditioning?

Posted 12th March 2018

In modern times the magic of air conditioning is often taken for granted, but we will soon know how important it is when it breaks down on a hot day.  Although all AC units are built to last, it is inevitable that certain complications and potential problems can begin to develop over time which will become serious issues if they aren’t dealt with. This is why it is crucial to ensure your air con unit is serviced regularly so that any minor problems can be easily fixed before developing into catastrophic ones.

Servicing your air con

When it comes to keeping your air conditioning system in peak condition, you will need to have a regular servicing schedule in place. However, this alone isn’t enough as you also need to be alert to any malfunctions and minor issues that can suddenly occur. With regular maintenance and repair work, your AC unit benefits from frequent inspections by professionals and will end up lasting a lot longer.

Scheduled servicing

Every air con owner must arrange some kind of servicing schedule – the only variable is how frequent you want your unit to be looked at. If you only really have your air con on during the hot summer months then having your unit looked at every 6 months is ideal, but if you are using your air conditioning system every day then you will need a quarterly schedule every 3 months. Be sure to sign up for an appropriate package for your needs so your air conditioning unit always stays in top condition.

Notice potential problems

Despite the best servicing work, there is unfortunately always the small chance that an air con unit will develop an acute fault suddenly for any number of reasons. This is why it is important to recognise if and when your air con system starts behaving strangely and exhibiting signs of problems.

Strange noises

An obvious sign that your air con isn’t working quite right is when it starts making noises. This can be anything from a quiet rattling to a loud grinding sound. If ever this happens it is highly recommended to bring in a professional as soon as you can as you never know whether this minor problem can suddenly cause critical damage to the system as a whole.

It doesn’t work as well anymore

Another key sign of a worn AC unit is when you notice your interior isn’t as cool as it usually is and you’ve kept all of the same settings. This can indicate a relatively minor issue like a blocked filter or a more serious problem such as refrigerant leakage or compressor damage, where a prompt professional check-up would be vital.

Unusual smell

If the air your unit is pumping out begins to take on a strange odour, then you’ll also need to bring in a professional to take a look at your unit. Poor smells could be a sign of damp and bacteria building up in your unit or a mechanical failure