Air Source Heat Pump Installation Repair & Servicing

The phrase air source heating is somewhat of a confusing term, given that air source heating and air conditioning units are in most cases one and the same.

The vast majority of commercial office air conditioning systems are in fact commercial air source heat pumps offering cooling and heating via reverse cycle heat pump technology. The only exceptions to this are the larger, older centralised water chilled packages, industrial, laboratory or specialist IT solutions that may not utilise reverse cycle heat pump technology.

All in all, whatever your commercial or industrial air source heat pump requirements, you are NOT charged any extra or premium for a modern air source heat pump Installation that both heats and cools via reverse cycle technology.

Another misunderstood phrase is ASHP heating. ASHP installations and the term ASHP are generally associated and confused with the residential or domestic marketplace. ASHP is quite simply an abbreviation for air source heat pump commercial, residential or otherwise

At Air Options we pride ourselves in being one of the leading air source heat pumps suppliers whatever the terminology might be. If you require a system that both heats and cools, or an air source heat pump service or repair, don’t hesitate to contact us today.