5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

Posted 9th November 2016

When you’re thinking about choosing a commercial air conditional unit for your premises, you need to ensure that you pick an ideal unit that suits your needs. Making sure that you select a unit that is cost effective and energy efficient is essential when you’re making business decisions. Being able to make the most informed choice means that you can be confident with the unit you select. At Air Options we can help you to make these decisions. We’ll use our passion, experience and expertise to choose the best unit for you.


We have over 20 years of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing commercial air conditioning units. We take a look at specific situations and your business needs and ensure that we install the perfect unit for you, by taking everything into account. This involves factors like peak usage, areas to be heated or cooled, and energy efficiency.

Approved Installers

We know how to handle all sorts of air conditioning units such as Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Mitsubishi HVAC equipment. So, whichever unit you choose, you can be sure that we’ve got substantial experience in installing, maintaining and repairing that brand. All of our experienced team possess the required technical ability and service quality to deal with a myriad of brands and models.

Project Managed

It’s all very well picking a commercial air conditioning unit, but the work doesn’t stop there and at Air Options, we’ll provide a fully managed installation. We’ll take care of the survey, design, install and handover. We know how much there is to cover, but with our experience we can address the landlord, building control and planning departments to ensure permissions are acquired and everything runs smoothly.


After we’ve helped you to install your commercial air conditioning unit, we  take things a step further and offer preventative maintenance agreements and full after sales support backed by warranties, which are extendable in line with the manufacturer’s terms & conditions. Everything is in line with building regulations and Health and Safety guidelines and professional indemnity insurance.


We take the environment seriously, so when you’re choosing your unit, we’ll install and offer products that comply with current environmental regulations and advice about products that minimise the use of energy andreduce the carbon footprint.  We regularly re-cycle and re-use products, and since January 2015, R22 has been completely banned from use in any air conditioning system and we wholeheartedly comply with this.

If you have any further queries or questions about commercial air conditioning units then our friendly team are more than happy to help.