5 Useful Air Conditioning Tips to Keep Your Unit Working Efficiently

Posted 5th October 2016

One of the most important requirements for your air conditioning unit is that it works efficiently, because it’ll save you money in the long-run and it’ll make sure that you’re benefitting from the full potential of the unit. Here at Air Options, we’ve put together some tips to help keep your unit running as efficiently as possible.


Cleaning and replacing filters in an air conditioning unit is essential if you want it to work efficiently. Clogged filters can restrict air flow and can even carry dirt into the evaporator coil if they aren’t working correctly. This in turn can affect heat-absorption. Some filters are re-useable but some need to be replaced. If your unit is in a particularly dusty environment or being used constantly then it’s vital that filters are clean.

Don’t Ignore

If you notice anything different about your air conditioning unit, like a difference in its effectiveness, strange noises,or leaks, then don’t ignore them. Your unit could need some expert attention, so if you think something’s up then it’s better to be safe than sorry and get some advice.

Minimise Dirt

Try to keep the environment that your air conditioning unit works in as clean, dust and dirt free as possible. This can be a difficult task in a large scale area, but reducing dirt is still a beneficial task. Minimising debris and dirt means that filters won’t risk being clogged up and your unit will have adequate airflow and lead to greater efficiency.


Ensure that you are using your air conditioning unit effectively and at the right times. You might have an environment that needs a unit to be effective at all times, such as a lab or a server room, but in other premises it might not be appropriate to have your unit being used around the clock or during the majority of the day or night. Seek advice and find out when the best times are for your unit to run and you’ll find that the levels of maintenance and likelihood of repair will decrease.

Hire a Professional

Of course one of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioning unit is working to its maximum potential and being as efficient as it can be is to have regular check-ins with the professionals. That’s us! We’re always on hand to help with any queries you might have about your air conditioning unit and we can help to maintain them and carry out repairs when something’s wrong. Our experienced team carry out Manufacturer Approved repairs and maintenance and Guaranteed Workmanship and competitive local rate pricing.

Get in touch with us here at Air Options today and we’ll ensure your air condition unit is giving you the best quality and value.