Why is Air Con Maintenance Important?

Posted 21st November 2017

Air conditioning units are sophisticated machines capable of regulating the temperature within your home or office and creating a comfortable environment. What many people don’t realise is that even the highest quality AC systems will need to undergo maintenance work periodically just to ensure they remain in top working order and don’t develop any gradual faults over time.

There are many reasons why your air con will need maintenance work to keep it working efficiently. Given the high quantity of dust and other contaminants that pass through your system everyday as it filters the air, it will eventually need a thorough cleaning job to remove all particles.

The electrical wiring of air con systems will also need to be checked regularly to prevent any malfunctions and replace any parts required. AC units can also slowly reduce in energy efficiency over time as they begin to work less and less optimally, something that maintenance work is able to fix and ensure your air con is both energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Avoiding serious faults

Most offices and homes will have their air conditioning on very regularly, especially if it’s in a hot country or during a sweltering time of year. Any system that is in continuous usage is liable to pick up some faults sooner or later, so it’s important to have your air conditioning unit maintained regularly at least once a year.

Even if your system does not appear to have developed any kind of serious fault, often minor problems can begin to build up which will transform into systematic faults in the future. A professional air con maintenance company will be able to spot any potential problems as they develop to ensure that they don’t continue to grow and become more serious.

Maintaining energy efficiency

If you air con system is clogged up with dirt or possessing any other faults, it can end up consuming much more energy than usual to compensate. In just one example, a dirty and blocked filter in your AC unit is estimated to increase its overall energy consumption by up to 15%, something which can add a lot onto your energy bill at the end of the year.

As well as saving money yourself, conserving energy is especially important for businesses looking to minimise their impact on the environment. If your company is operating multiple AC units across a large office, then cutting down as much as possible on energy consumption will save a huge amount of money and cut down on your impact on the environment.

Increasing longevity

Top quality air conditioning systems are designed to work without a hitch for many, many years, but you can seriously hinder the chances of your AC unit remaining in good working order if you don’t maintain it regularly. Various little faults can slowly build up in your system over time which can eventually impact on its longevity, so taking the time to have it checked it regularly undoubtedly pays off.