Festive Energy Saving Shut Down Tips

Posted 18th December 2014

christmas 2

The decorations are up, the Christmas shopping is well underway (we hope), and the turkey ordered. But before you rush off from the office to sip on eggnog and munch a mince pie, spare a thought for your air conditioning unit.

To make the thought an easy one we have compiled a quick check list of things to do before leaving for the festive break…

We named this check list…

Festive Energy Saving Shut Down Tips

…and they are as follows:

  1. Leave the temperature set to between 15 and 17c in auto as opposed to turning it off. The system will offer a comfortable level of background heating and will revert back to the normal temperature quickly upon your return
  2. Leave the fan speed on auto or medium, as opposed to high
  3. If in a computer room leave the system running as you would normally
  4. If you have an additional ventilation system offering fresh air make up and extraction there is no reason this can’t be switched off if the office is unmanned. Leaving the system on will only add to running costs, especially if you are all at home enjoying your dinner.
  5. Finally check your system filters are reasonably clean and your system not overdue a service. The last thing you need is to come back to your workplace in the new year with a broken down heat pump or air conditioning system.

Following these quick and easy steps will ensure a happy system and a relaxed return to the office with a fully functioning system after the festive break. Just remember it is best to leave your heat pump system running over Christmas, with a few subtle changes that will save you money, and could prevent damage.

It’s generally not a good idea to turn it off completely just in case we have a cold snap, where your office temperature will plummet and could lead to problems upon your return.

If you are under contract with us, please ensure you have your emergency call out number as our office is unmanned over the Christmas period. Click Times for full details of Office Closure.

Don’t make any changes if you are not approved or trained to do so, as your boss might tell you off! The above points are a guideline only, and if in doubt we are always a telephone call away, so don’t hesitate contacting one of our Jolly Staff members.