Can Unmaintained Air Conditioning Units be Dangerous?

Posted 11th April 2018

Air conditioning systems are just like any other appliance in that they need to be looked at and serviced regularly. A failure to adequately maintain your air con isn’t just something that might end with it breaking down and draining your finances to replace; poorly maintained air con units unfortunately have the potential to be far more dangerous in a number of ways.

When it comes to maintaining your air conditioning unit you will need to bring in a professional company to get the job done to a high (and safe) standard. In most cases you should do this on an annual basis, but it may be wiser to up the frequency if you are a company running multiple units at once all through the day.

The dangers of faulty air con units

There are many potential dangers of running a faulty air con unit without maintaining it. This ranges from a unit suffering a catastrophic break down to circulating contaminated air or starting a fire, so it’s vital that you work together with professionals to keep your unit in optimum condition.

Fire hazard

Any air conditioning system that hasn’t been maintained properly can slowly develop faults which wreak havoc with the inner machinery of the unit. Most air con units will accumulate dust over time which can cause overheating and drastically increase the risk of a fire breaking out. In addition to this, the risk of short circuits in the wiring of your unit increases if you don’t maintain it properly. Besides from having to replace your air con, a fire breaking out could cause far more damage to your property and those inside it.

Contaminated air

All kinds of pollutants and bacteria are safely filtered through your air con unit on a daily basis to ensure you enjoy clean air. Gradually over time these contaminants will build up within a system and need to be cleaned out. If you aren’t maintaining your air con adequately, all of these harmful particles will remain in your unit and circulate throughout your home and office. Continually being within an atmosphere containing harmful microorganisms and dust can have a detrimental effect on your health and will only get worse over time as you continue to breathe in harmful air.

Severe damage

Anyone who has had an air con for a number of years will probably have encountered some kind of problem with it over the years. However, in most cases all that is required for a minor problem is quick maintenance work by a professional to fix up the problem. Unfortunately, many people ignore the warning signs of a faulty air con unit and allow the problem to become more and more severe through neglect. Even if your problem is minor, after some time without maintenance the problem can spread to other areas and soon become something far more serious.