R22 Final Count Down

Posted 12th January 2014

What’s your plan?

Air Options have devised the three R’s action plan for all who’s air conditioning units are still running on the soon to be banned R22 refrigerant, they are:

  • Refurbish
  • Replace
  • Remain

Refurbishment is most cost effective, with a variety of different refrigerants that can be dropped into a system so long as the equipment is in good working order and has been well maintained throughout it’s life. This, however is more ideal for commercial and/or larger systems.

Replacement of systems, whether upgrading or installing like for like, is the option we highly recommend. Along with the system being more energy efficient, a Manufacturers warranty, and being inline with current legislation, you will have peace of mind knowing the there will no stoppage time due to a fault with the system.

Remain. If your system is working perfectly, you can continue to use; however, as of January 1st the system will not be supported by the manufacturer and only minor preventative servicing will be permitted, such as filter cleaning etc. If the system develops a leak then the system will be deemed inoperable, leading to refurbishment, replacement, or removal.

For a more detailed explanation on the ban and your options, read our news article R22 Phase out Looming alternatively call today to speak to one of our Technical Sales gentlemen.