New Year, New Legislation!

Posted 26th January 2015

With the beginning of 2015 comes a few changes in legislation to the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) World.

The first, all R22 refrigerant is Banned! Four years ago it was announced the ban would take effect January 1st 2015, at the stroke of midnight, whilst most were celebrating, the ban was enforced. This does not mean that an air conditioning system running on the banned refrigerant requires shutting down forever,  there are options still open to you, we like to call them the 3R’s:  Refurbishment, replacement, and remain. If the units are working fine then they are able to remain, however only minor preventative servicing is allowed. Replacement of gases with other ‘drop in’ refrigerant is possible but is dependent on the individual units. To be completely supported by the manufacturer and comfortably within legislation we recommend replacement of the units.

F-gas has been a hot topic towards to last months of 2014 with a some changes to their requirements, which came into force with the 1st day of 2015.  To review the changes click F-gas 2015. In an attempt to make the changes as simple as possible we have put together an article called: F-Gas Revamp for 2015

To make these changes a little easier on your wallet, we are offering 5% discount on all new installations which are replacing the redundant R22! To take advantage of this offer, don’t hesitate, call today!