Visiting a Hotel Without Air Conditioning

Posted 6th March 2019

You’re planning a holiday, and you’ve been scouring the web for days, going on weeks to ensure you’ve got the right place for you and your partner. The hotel needs to befit a secret getaway, offering stunning views in a location at least a little off the beaten path. Finally, you’ve completed your search, you’ve found it – it’s perfect. You can’t wait to get there, explore the location, have fantastic meals and return to the tranquillity of your hotel with your partner in the evening.

When you arrive, it’s every bit as calm and serene as you’d hoped – the hotel stands proudly alone looking over a stunning view. Nature’s paint pallet speckles the surrounding environment; you and your partner love it.

It’s an overly warm day when you arrive, and the air is full of moisture – you’re looking forward to setting foot in your double room, showering, and sleeping off some of the restless travel. As you pass the hotel’s grand entrance into the reception area you loosen your collar a little, it’s a bit stuffy, and you look forward to the prospect of that shower.

Having checked in and marvelled at the unique design of the hotel – which is just like the pictures – you make your way through the small and highly decorated corridors. Their design reflects the outside beauty. You start to notice the air hangs heavy here, a little more than outside and the moisture is beginning to make your shirt stick to you.

You turn the key into the lock of your room and push open the door – the place is stunning. Spacious, with large looming windows which allow you to look out into the surrounding environment. You relieve yourselves of your bags, hit the shower and, feeling a little cooler and refreshed, step back into the bedroom.

That’s when it really hits you; it’s so stuffy in the room. You open all the windows, but the warm air does little to circulate air around the room. Having just showered, both you and your partner begin to find the moisture in the air is, again, making you quite uncomfortable. You start to look for air conditioning and see a small dehumidifier in the corner of the room. You turn it up to the maximum.

Sleeping off your travel is only half achieved as you toss and turn in the bed – you feel so petty that you’re in this wonderful place and all you can think about is the heat. Of course, it’s a hot day, what more can you expect? You decide not to let it get the best of you. You close your eyes and hours later you manage to drift off to sleep.

Comfort Should be a Priority

In today’s travel industry, hotels are having to do more and more to be able to compete with the mass of competition out there. Loyal, returning customers are becoming more of a commodity as travelling has become more easily accessible. The range of options is vast and agreeably priced. When it comes to retaining custom or receiving the best possible feedback – comfort should be at the forefront of any Hotel’s agenda.

At Air options, we understand that comfort stems from stepping into a well ventilated, maintained and fresh environment that can all be managed by a bespoke air conditioning unit. Next time you’re thinking of putting off installation or regular maintenance, think again and put comfort first. If you have any questions or bespoke needs, Air Options are always here to help.